Five For Fifty

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Box Total: $50

  • Straw Chizu
    A powerful mix of strawberries blended with warm cheesecake topped with whipped cream
  • Red Chizu
    Delicious blend of fresh raspberries on top of freshly baked cheesecake
  • Razz Chizu
    Delicious blend of fresh raspberries on top of freshly baked cheesecake
  • Blue Chizu
    Delicious blend of plump blueberries on top of freshly baked cheesecake
  • FISK
    A perfect mix of strawberries and bananas - an after supper affair!
  • Merman
    A delicious strawberry and green apple mix, tangy and sweet!
  • Awaken
    Fruity cereal and milk - start your day with this balanced e-liquid!
  • Scotty
    A classic butterscotch flavor
    Tastes like a very familiar candy, shaped like a fish!
  • SNOG
    This e-liquid is a kiss of strawberry custard dancing across your palate!
  • Holiday Cheer
    Freshly baked cookies straight out of the oven. Relive the warm and fuzzies of the holiday season with this flavor!
  • Butterclaw
    Tastes like you just bit into a chocolate bar, packed with peanut butter and caramel!
  • Foggy
    Minty chocolate combined with a light vanilla cream.
  • Oz
    This e-liquid tastes like strawberry milk with a hint of graham cracker!
    A smooth and instant favorite .  A delicious taste of Marshmallow , Honey and Milk.
  • Revive
    Toasted cinnamon breakfast food - start your day with this balanced e-liquid!
  • Belgian Beast
    Belgium’s beast, the ultimate waffle e-liquid
  • Aka
    A flavorful ripe strawberry e-liquid
  • Vacation
    Tasty freshly ripened strawberries mixed with coconut and some added cream and vanilla . This is a tasty dessert style vape .
  • Harvest
    A blend of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry with subtle cherry notes.
  • Celestial Tears
    Tears from the divine. A complex mixture of dragon fruit, strawberry, cream and vanilla. This flavor is out of this world!
  • Summer Bliss
    A blend of honeysuckle, lime, pear and strawberry - The blissful feeling of summer in e-liquid form!
  • Mizu Delight
    Watermelon, strawberry and bubblegum tossed together to form a nice refreshing e-liquid.
  • Murdock
    Sweetened guava with strawberry and a great refreshing coolness
  • Twisted Citrus
    A crisp and refreshing key lime and strawberry mix.
  • Just Peachy
    If you like sweet, sour, and peach flavors combined - you're in the right spot!
    A watermelon lovers favorite treat .
  • NIJI
    If you like very sweet flavors with a nice sour tang, give this a try!
  • Castle
    Caramel tobacco with slight creamy notes and a chocolate finish!
  • Arctic Blue
    Classic blue freeze goodness, definitely a fan favorite
  • Haven
    Chilly mix of fully ripened strawberries tossed with juicy peaches to make the perfect vape
  • Tropical Xpress
    A mouth watering mix of pineapples , peaches , apples and some other delicious fruits .
  • Beachside
    This e-liquid is like a sweet peach/mango juice with a hint of pineapple.
  • Morning Dew
    Delicious honeydew fruit mix with notes of key lime and pear
  • Western
    A really wonderfull all-around tobacco blend.
  • USA Mix
    USA Mix
    When it comes to genuine cigarette taste, USA Mix is one of the best-selling tobacco flavors from Hangsen.
  • RY4 Double
    This is a very popular tobacco blend with notes of caramel.
  • Canadian Tobacco
    Canadian Tobacco
    Canadian style tobacco vape
  • Pump Up The Jam
    A delicious Strawberry , Raspberry jam spread on a slice of perfectly toasted bread .
  • Purp
    A delicious grape flavored e-liquid
  • Stitches
    A solid blend of watermelons and grapes, with a menthol finish
  • Nostalgia
    The perfect blend of juicy oranges and delicious creamy goodness
  • Sherri Wild
    A delicious cherry flavored e-liquid
  • Mago
    A delicious mango flavored e-liquid
  • Keybosh
    A delicious keylime flavored e-liquid
  • Dew
    A delicious honeydew flavored e-liquid
  • Sparrow
    A delicious jackfruit flavored e-liquid
  • Coolspice
    A cooling peppermint flavored e-liquid

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    This is a phenomenal deal. It includes every flavor, even premiums! This deal can’t be beat!

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