This earth friendly glass cleaner is simple to use. Just fill the glass item to be cleaned and make sure you block any orifices to prevent leaking or put the glass piece in a container and cover with the solution. Let the item soak until clean. No more shaking or swirling. Rinse the item thoroughly in warm water after soaking. To reuse the solution just filter out the solid particles and re-bottle the cleaner. Discard it when it is no longer effective. Randy’s Green Label is THE environmentally friendly and biodegradable glass cleaner of choice.

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  • 12 fluid oz. Green Label Cleaner
  • Reusable Cleaner
  • Cleans Glass, Metal, Ceramic, Wood, and Acrylic
  • As Simple As: Soak. Swirl. Rinse
  • Recommended to let soak overnight.


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