Flavor Ban

The federal government alongside some provincial governments have announced their intentions to restrict vaping once more with bans on e-liquid that aren’t tobacco flavored. This means that any sort of flavor that doesn’t fall into this category will be no longer allowed to be sold. In addition, they are planning a 70% reduction of the nicotine cap to only 20mg per mL. Unfortunately the likely outcome of either restriction will cause a large number of ex-smokers who use vaping as a harm-reduction tool to return to a much more toxic combustible tobacco product. This may also contribute to a decrease in the number of current smokers who would otherwise attempt and likely succeed at pivoting to a far less harmful alternative source of nicotine.

This change will massively impact the vaping industry as a whole, as well as drastically reduce access to this harm-reduction tool for adults who have not had success with other available options. The ability to choose other flavors over tobacco flavors is primarily how vapers can tailor their experience to their own specific needs – which allows for a much smoother transition period.

If you or someone you know has had a positive experience using flavored e-liquid, please visit www.tobaccokills.ca for more information on what you can do to help prevent this from happening.