Are there any alternatives to the Juul?

The Juul pod-system e-cigarette hit the vaping scene back in 2015, and has been steadily climbing to the top ever since. That being said, 2017-2018 is where Juul really flourished and grew into the vaping behemoth it is today. 
The question is – are there more affordable alternatives to the Juul?
The Juul line of products are extremely high quality, and simply just WORK. No need to replace old coils, or refill with e-juice – just simply pop the Juul Pod in and you’re ready to vape. The success of Juul may arguably be due to the ease of use, allowing both advanced and beginner users with a hassle-free experience.
That being said, using a Juul does come with a cost – and to many users, it can be a little too expensive. There are more than a few alternatives to the Juul pod-system e-cigarette, though one that really seems to stand out is the Stig product line by VGod.

Product Comparison:

– Magnetic charger
– 0.7ml salt nicotine juice capacity
– Roughly 200 puffs per pod

– 59mg/ml of nicotine
– Starter pack comes with 4 pods
– Roughly 64.99 CAD for the starter kit
– Roughly 22.99 CAD for replacement pods


– Disposable
– Fully charged out of the box
– 1.2ml salt nicotine juice capacity
– Roughly 270 puffs per Stig stick

– 60mg/ml of nicotine
– 3 Stig sticks per pack
– Roughly 24.99 CAD before tax

The main advantage of using the Stig vs the Juul is that you get a new device every time. Each Stig pack comes with 3 sticks, all of which are fully charged. When the device stops working, simply open up another stick and keep vaping! Vaporizers go through so much wear and tear – either being dropped, or lost all together. With the Stig, this isn’t so much of a problem due to the low price point, and the amount of sticks you receive for that price!

On the other hand, the Juul offers a unique touch function that enables the user to view the battery life via a LED light on the device. Another neat feature is the included magnetic charger, which holds the device upright while charging.

In conclusion, both devices are fantastic, and ultimately what you purchase does depend on what you’re looking for. With the Juul, you get a very high-quality feeling product with fantastic flavors. There’s a bit of customization too, with wrist straps or skins available to change the overall look of your device. With the Stig, you get a cheaper, disposable alternative that offers a very similar experience (their flavors are fantastic as well) without all the bells and whistles. Both devices are extremely easy to use, and either choice will be a good one.